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Dental disease is something that almost all of us as humans would have encountered at one point or another. Did you know that our pets can suffer from dental disease too? Luckily at our clinics we have state of the art dental equipment so we can help make your pets smile brighter than ever! We offer free dental checks with our highly trained nurses Monday through to Friday so call one of our clinics today to book your pets in.

Your pet has been diagnosed with dental disease and booked in to have dental treatment, what happens now?



The first thing we do on the day of surgery is make sure your pet is nice and healthy before admitting them. One of our veterinarians will have a consultation with you and your pet, a full health check will be done and any questions you have will be answered.

When your pet is admitted for the day they will go into either our ‘general ward’ or ‘large dog run’, this will depend on the species and size of your pet. We cater for each patient so we can help reduce stress levels whilst they are staying with us. Some animals are happy to be in a quiet corner and others prefer to be front and centre where they can watch our every move.

Patients are given a premedication approximately half an hour prior to their surgery time. This helps them to relax. It also means we can reduce the dose of other medications given throughout the anaesthetic.


The surgery will be performed by our highly trained veterinarians and nurses. We start each dental by scaling and polishing the teeth. Once all the tartar has been removed from the teeth we can probe them. By probing the teeth we can assess whether there are any pockets underneath the gum line. When pockets start to form this creates a little haven for bacteria to grow. This can very quickly and easily turn into a painful infection.

If pockets are found the next step would be to x-ray the teeth. Your pets are very lucky we are able to provide dental radiographs. It’s not something a lot of clinics can offer. The benefit of having dental x-rays is that we can see exactly what is going on under the gum line. Sometimes a tooth may look ok from the surface but underneath the gum there can be a lot of bone loss going on. It can also work in reverse and mean that a tooth that may have been extracted due to how it looked on the surface will be saved because it is actually healthy under the gum line.

Once the required dental x-rays have been taken the vet will assess each tooth individually. Any teeth requiring extraction will now be extracted. If teeth are extracted your pet will be given good pain relief before they are woken up.


The ‘wake up’ process normally only takes a few minutes. Once your pet is awake they are placed into one of our recovery cages. The recovery cages are located in the middle of our treatment room. This means we can keep a very close eye on them. We can even see them from the staff room.

When your pet is awake in recovery we will give you a call so you can relax knowing that everything went well. We always provide lots of cuddles throughout the afternoon free of charge!

Patients almost always go home on the same day. At the discharge appointment we will show you photos, explain any x-rays and go over all the important aftercare information. When one of your pets has dental treatment with us we will ask you to bring them back 10-14 days after treatment for a complimentary check up. At this appointment we will check their mouth to make sure everything has healed up nicely. We will also discuss all the various dental prevention tips we have to maintain their nice clean teeth.


Once your pets have received any kind of dental treatment we will automatically send you a reminder every 6 months for a ‘free dental check’. It’s very important that once our pet’s teeth have been professionally cleaned that we maintain them.  Dental disease prevention is a lifelong commitment that starts as soon as we bring our cute little puppies home. 


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