Awesome outcome for 'Lucky Labrador'

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This beautiful black Labrador has been a project of our clinic, and in particular one dedicated veterinary nurse, for the past 3 months. At the time she was presented to the clinic she weighed a whopping 42.5kg. It was obvious to us that a strict weight loss and exercise regime was a must for the long term health of this dog. Katie, our amazingly generous veterinary nurse took the beautiful girl into her home where all the progress has been made.

This picture was taken before starting her new diet and exercise program

Three months in with a weight loss of over 14kg

Our loyal friends at Royal Canin generously offered sponsorship for this most deserving animal. Putting her on the royal Canin obesity diet to lose the excess weight. We continued to track her progress online, doing 2 weekly weigh ins. She started off refusing to eat the dry diet, favouring tinned food, but persistence and encouragement in weaning her from tinned food to the obesity dry diet took a couple of weeks. She now happily scoffs her dry food morning and night without fail.

As well as a strict diet of the obesity food, this amazing dog has walked a great 90kms, tracked on a handy smartphone app. At first, it was a huge struggle for her to get up and down and to walk a very short distance. Her weight was putting an extreme amount of stress on her heart and cardiovascular system. She would puff and pant uncontrollably in just a resting position. But now she practically jumps into her harness and pulls her way down the road. To just say the word 'walk' near her, she is at the door waiting to go!

What a beautiful face! Now with a nice lean body to match

Caused by a significant amount of time suffering from obesity, she in turn suffered from stress on her joints leading to cruciate disease and osteoarthritis on her other joint issues. Our kind representatives at Norbrook Wanted to help by providing us with some much needed pain relief medication to assist in helping her walk comfortably. This was crucial so she was able to exercise which in turn assisted in her weight loss. At the beginning we needed to provide her with pain relief almost every day and now she rarely needs anything.


With her "boyfriend" Trevor

We are very happy to announce that after 3 short months this amazing Lab has lost a great 14.2kg and is happy, healthy and so active! She still has a little way to go (her ideal weight would be about 27kg). She has come a very long way in such a short amount of time and we couldn't be happier to help improve one little life a great deal. We hope this story encourages everybody with pets that may have the same needs as this dog that with a little persistence; weight loss in your pets can be easily achieved. You will know that you've given your pet a much longer and happier life.


And her favourite human friend, Katie

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