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Riverport Veterinary Hospital
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08 8555 5690

Victor Central Veterinary Clinic
35 Crozier Road
Victor Harbor
SA 5211

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08 7522 4300

Welcome to our blog……..hopefully the first of many…….

The times certainly are exciting for us at the moment with many changes and new ventures. 

The idea behind starting a blog is not to provide you with endless information on diseases you may never see, or try to sell you products you may not need, but rather provide a forum for discussion and give you some ideas on what happens behind the scenes.  We would love to know what you would actually like us to write about.  As many of you know we have taken the plunge into social media and our facebook and twitter pages are great for communicating with our clients.  We even have a burgeoning youtube channel.  If you aren’t already…get posting and tweeting!  We also have our new website up and running (www.vetsfirst.com.au).  While there is plenty of tweaking to be done we love the new look and can’t wait to hear what you think…..please give us any feedback you have and don’t be scared to be brutally honest.

We can’t wait for the Family Fun Day at our Strathalbyn Clinic on May 20th.  We enjoy giving back to the community that has given so much to us and we hope you can all be there to be a part of it.  Whether you want to have your face painted, try your hand at winning some awesome prizes, learn about what happens behind the scenes in a busy vet clinic or just drop in to say G’day, everyone is welcome.

At our Riverport Vet Hospital in Goolwa things have gone from strength to strength.  We are currently training a great group of enthusiastic young nurses to help take us into the future.

Perhaps the biggest change for 2012 will be the opening of our new Victor Central Veterinary Clinic.  At this stage we are looking like opening the doors in September and we can’t wait.  We look forward to being a bigger part of the Victor Harbor community and providing the level of care we have become known for.  Keep an eye out for details of our grand opening celebration.

As you have probably noticed we have had a name change.  Rest assured we have not sold out to a corporation and we are still locally owned and run.  The reasoning was simple; “Vets First” is slightly less of a mouthful than “Strathalbyn Veterinary Clinic, Riverport Veterinary Hospital and Victor Central Veterinary Clinic”.  Despite the umbrella name each clinic will maintain it’s own identity and continue to be staffed by the locals you have come to know so well.

So that’s it for our introductory blog…kind of a formality really with more exciting ones to come.

Stay Classy,

Vets First

Oh and congratulations to Mel and Dion on the safe arrival of little Joshua…we can’t wait to meet him.

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