It's Snake Season - Be Prepared!!!!

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How to prepare for Snake season - to keep your family and your pets safe:

Clear up around the house:

  • Snakes will seek dark places for shelter and to nest
  • Rats and mice also find housing and food in rubbish and overgrown vegetation which can in turn attract snakes


What else can you do?

In high snake risk areas you could also consider using repeller devices such as The Sentinel Snake Repeller.  The Sentinel Snake Repeller is available through our clinics so please call to speak to our staff.


What are the symptoms of snake bite?

It is important to note that some animals will display most or all of these symptoms while others may display only one.

  • Initial collapse – dogs and cats will often seemingly recover after this initial collapse, but please be aware that this recovery is only short lived and this often means a severe bite.
  • Vomiting
  • Salivation
  • Dilated pupils
  • Anxious or changed behaviour
  • Progressive paralysis – weakness/inability to use hind legs that then spreads to inability to use the front legs resulting in complete collapse.
  • Difficulty breathing

NOTE – While most dogs show symptoms quite quickly, it can take up to 4 hours for symptoms to appear in dogs and in some cases up to 8 hours.  In cats, this can be even longer, sometimes taking 12 hours or more for symptoms to appear.


When should you call the vet?

  • If you observe ANY  ONE of the above symptoms
  • If you find your pet with a snake – eg playing with, attacking or killing a snake.

TIME IS IMPORTANT -  especially with dogs.  It is better to be safe than sorry so call your vet.  We can help to recognise the symptoms and there are some tests we can perform to help confirm if your pet was bitten.

In the meantime – Keep your pet quiet and confined.  It is very difficult to find the exact bite site on pets.  However, it seems they are often bitten on the head and neck area.

Just like in people, there are no proven home remedies that can treat snake envenomation, so your pet’s best chance is to get to your vet as soon as possible.



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