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Just recently, we lost a close member of the Riverport family – a beautiful and gentle little man named “Bertie”.  He belonged to one of our nurses, Jemma, and was her constant companion and a regular here at the clinic.  When I spoke to Jemma a little while later, she said she was surprised at the sadness that she felt.  I felt like I could relate completely to that, thinking back to the animals I have lost.  It also reminded me of the loss my whole family felt at losing my brother’s best friend, Bunji, a few months back and I felt like I could now share some of his words with others.  This is what he wrote…

“…….. this is the saddest and hardest day of my life. Bunji touched the hearts of everyone he met. he has mates all over the world because he has such a beautiful free spirit, a loving gentle and caring nature and he really was a gentleman in the true sense of the word. we travelled australia together for the last 14 years and he has been by my side every step of the way, we shared a bond that will live inside me and guide me for the rest of my life. if I was ever unsure of a situation I would just look at him and he would look at me and communicate the way to stay safe. He would guard me while I slept. he would follow the girls into to the bushes at night time just to make them feel secure. he would always ask for permission before walking into someone’s house. He truly was the most magical little fella I have ever had the privelege of knowing. Words cannot describe how much we will miss you Bunj. Your legacy will live on for eternity and I will live by that legacy to be the best I can be, and to have compassion and understanding for nature and animals and my fellow human beings, to be a kind person and to open my heart to feel love and never ever give up. You truly are the greatest my little man, your friends and family love you with all their hearts. It has been the most special journey and you will always be by my side. Travel well my son, I love you.” 

He truly was a very special dog, but I think we can all relate to some of these words and certainly feel the sadness.  People often say to me that they could never be a vet as they just couldn’t cope with putting animals to sleep.  Yes, this is one of the hardest things we do.  We often know the patient and owners very well – perhaps from more regular visits during recent illness or old age – and we share in their sadness.  We are also reminded of our own experiences and can relate.  Each and every time we are entrusted with this final goodbye is difficult – and it doesn’t get any easier.  As hard as it all is I am thankful, however, that we are able to assist in relieving suffering when the end is near and when it is all too much for one friend to cope with.

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  • I too can relate, you also often think, I can't go through that again but each critter that comes into care does so for a reason no matter how long or short their stay is. Ruby, the Euro still often keeps me wondering, coming as a joey with a broken pelvis and with the help of the caring staff of Riverport making a remarkable recovery within 5-6 months and the ever growing strong bond between us.
    And then, she was gone so suddenly from an unrelated illness. I still miss her so much.
    But yet critters still come into care and I take each day as it comes and cherish the days I am so grateful and privileged to have with these special creatures that ask of nothing but give so much

    Posted by Deanne, 16/08/2013 3:07pm (5 years ago)

  • sounds like you are all very caring which I have known for a long time I will be leaving Buddy in good hands when the time comes

    Posted by Wayne, 02/07/2013 4:56pm (5 years ago)

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