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June is microchip month at Vets First so what better time to get everyone up to speed on why you should microchip your pets.  Firstly, check out Dr Katrina’s video blog and meet her beautiful dog Guinness...

Katrina has described why all dogs and cats should be microchipped so there’s no point going over it again.  Instead I thought I could answer a few frequently asked questions about your pets and their chips.....

Q.  Does it hurt?

A. Well.......yes it has to hurt, albeit for a split second only.  The microchip is the size of a grain of rice and in inserted using a needle slightly larger than said grain of rice.   A large needle does sting when it enters the skin but thankfully the pain disappears almost straight away.  Having said that, if your pet is undergoing an anaesthetic at some stage (eg desexing) we often elect to implant the microchip while your pet is asleep.  As the chip is inserted in the loose skin between the shoulder blades there is no ongoing pain or muscle irritation.

Q. Can they move?

A. Microchips can “migrate”.  If you look closely at Dr Katrina’s video you will see that she cleverly moves the scanner over Guinness’ left shoulder.  His chip moved there over a year or so but is now happy in its new home.  Thankfully this causes no problems as all experienced microchip scanners (the human version) know to scan almost the entire dog when looking for a chip.

Q. Can I chip my husband/wife/children?

A. Not at this stage but thankfully most mobile phones can now be tracked by GPS and failing that a GPS activated collar should do the trick

Q. Do they ever come out?

A. We have seen a few cases of microchips forming a small abscess and eventually being expelled from the body.  It’s no big deal, we’ll put another one in.

Q.  I’ve heard microchips can cause cancer, is that true?

A. There have been a few cases reported worldwide of cancers forming around a microchip.  This is extremely, extremely rare and there are far more risk factors in everyday life eg. crossing the road, getting bitten by a snake or spider, living with a smoker, eating “pet friendly” rat bait....the list is endless.

Q. Could someone steal my pet and surgically remove the chip?

A. Well I guess anything is possible but I’ve never heard of that happening.

Q. How long does it take for Fluffy to be returned to me if she runs away?

A. If Fluffy ends up at the vet clinic that implanted the chip (ie. She is on their records) as soon as she is scanned they can give you a ring.  If she arrives at a local council, pound or shelter they ring a central agency which gives them your phone number.....so maybe a couple of minutes longer.  It’s all very efficient.

Q. Can I microchip my snake?

A. Yes of course, we just pop it in between 2 scales and then seal the gap with superglue....no I’m not joking.

Q. When will this blog end?

A. Now

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  • Love the blog Vets First - very informative!

    Posted by Jennie McInerney, 05/06/2012 9:35am (6 years ago)

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