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August is National Pet Dental Month.  Am I excited about it?  Not really because EVERY MONTH IS PET DENTAL MONTH (or at least should be).

Don’t get me wrong, anything that increases pet owner awareness of dental issues and promotes pet dental health checks is a good thing.  However, all of our staff are trained to check every pet’s mouth, every time.  Dental disease is so common in cats and dogs (around 70-80% of pets over the age of 3 have some form of dental disease when they visit the vet) that we simply can’t afford to focus on it for only a single month of the year.

Sure, for pet dental month we will be offering free nurse dental checks for your pets, but here’s a hot tip…..we offer them all year round anyway!  No strings attached, whether or not you are an existing client you can ring up and book in your cat or dog for a free dental check with one of our lovely (and highly skilled) nurses.  If your pet’s teeth are perfect you will get a pat on the back for doing such a great job; if not we can give you some great advice on keeping your loved one’s teeth sparkly white.

I’m not too cynical to avoid dental month altogether, so we will be offering a scratch and win card with every purchase of Royal Canin dental diet for cats and dogs.  The instant prize will be one of a chew ring, dental kong, kong wubba or a toy mouse…..hours of entertainment as well as helping with dental health!

For more information on dental disease in cats and dogs read this awesome blog, and for an interesting case study of a dog with an unusual dental problem read this one.

And of course, for any teeth related questions just give us a buzz........

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