Oscar the Wonder-Dog

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As vets and veterinary nurses we are lucky  to have some brilliant patients.  They wander in, give us a lick or a tail wag and in turn we might give them a liver treat or a cuddle.  Occasionally we treat them for this or that too. 

Every now and again we meet an extra special patient that becomes a household name among all staff.  For one reason or another these patients become etched into our memories  and hold a special place in our hearts.  Oscar is one of those patients.


Say Hello to Oscar



I first met Oscar in December of 2012 at our Victor Central Vet Clinic.  He’d had a particularly rough start to life.  Before his doting owners, Susan and Dallas, had even taken ownership of Oscar he had undergone a major surgery.  At around 4 weeks of age he required a laparotomy (surgically unzipping his belly) to remove a section of intestine that had been ruined thanks to an intussusception (I’m a self-proclaimed good speller and it took me about 5 times to get that right), a bizarre disorder we see in puppies where the gut telescopes on itself and causes a blockage.  When I saw Oscar for the first time in December he was small for his age and just looked like he was down and struggling.  To make matters worse he had developed some complications from his previous surgery and now had a roaring fever and incredibly painful belly.  To his credit Oscar still gave us plenty of affection and we could tell at this early stage that he was a little battler.

An ultrasound confirmed that the problem was related to the previous surgery site but after some home care, a course of potent antibiotics and a repeat ultrasound we were happy that little Oscar was back on track.

After a few weeks on easy street Oscar returned as sick as he had ever been.  Surely it couldn’t be the same problem again?  Unfortunately it was worse.  Believe it or not, Oscar had developed a second intussusception and had to have another major abdominal surgery to repair his intestines, as well as further surgery to stop his intestines from performing their acrobatic tricks again.   True to form, Oscar recovered well as Susan and Dallas took care of him until he regained his strength and could start acting like a puppy again.

A month or so later my heart sank.  I arrived at work to see Oscar’s name on my appointment schedule for a visit because he was feeling flat and not walking very well.  Not again…… After poking and prodding for a while (in a professional veterinary kind of way of course) I had come to the final part of my examination which was feeling his hips.  Oscar didn’t squeal in agony but politely turned my way and wriggled as if to say “Please don’t do that again, it hurts!”.  Sure enough, both hips were sore and after some sedation for a thorough (and non-painful) feel and some x-rays, we had confirmed that little Oscar had hip dysplasia.  To cut a long story short his hip joints were loose and would undoubtedly cause significant problems for the rest of his life.  However, the fact Oscar had showed us he was in pain was a blessing, as it meant we were able to take advantage of a relatively small window of opportunity in young puppies and do a procedure that would help him a lot.

For the third time in his short life, Oscar underwent an anaesthetic for a surgery.  This time we performed a Juvenile Pubic Symphysiodesis, a relatively simple surgery that can dramatically improve the outcome for dogs born with hip dysplasia. Again, Oscar recovered well and was brilliantly taken care of during his rehab period by Dallas and Susan.  Since then we have completed a course of injections designed to minimise the impact of his hip problems and Oscar continues to do well.


Oscar and Susan



Hopefully from now on Oscar can lead a more normal life!

Despite all he has been through Oscar has stayed strong and battled remarkably.  A special mention has to made of his owners (or should we say his “pets”), Susan and Dallas, who have done everything right from day one to make sure Oscar has had as good a puppyhood as possible.  Not all owners would have given him the chance to battle on so hats off to you…

Oscar will never need to introduce himself when he wanders in to visit from time to time.  We feel like he is part of the family now.

Good on you Oscar……


Look how much I'm growing now!

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  • I am so glad to hear that Oscar is doing well now. Great news!

    Posted by Claude DEMIR, 26/02/2013 12:40am (5 years ago)

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