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Riverport Veterinary Hospital
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SA 5214

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08 8555 5690

Victor Central Veterinary Clinic
35 Crozier Road
Victor Harbor
SA 5211

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08 7522 4300

After years of servicing the Strathalbyn community we recently made the difficult decision to sell the Strathalbyn Veterinary Clinic.  The new owners, Greencross Vets, will be taking over on March 27th.  Dr Ross and the Strathalbyn team that you know and trust are staying on (all staff were guaranteed their positions which was an important part of the decision), while Drs Alan and Rhys will be focusing on the Riverport Vet Hospital and Victor Central Vet Clinic. 

What does this mean for me as a client of the Strathalbyn Vet Clinic?

The team at Strath Vets will be exactly the same.  You will be greeted by the same friendly faces and treated by the same vets.  They may well be wearing a different shirt but other than that you will not notice any major changes.  Over time you will notice changes to the clinic, signage and stationary as the Greencross branding is adopted.

Who are Greencross and why have they taken over?

Here is what it says on the website: “Greencross aims to be Australia's leading Veterinary group by providing pet owners access to a network of well equipped Veterinary Practices run by Veterinary Teams that offer exceptional client and patient care”.  In short they can provide exceptional support to the Strathalbyn team while enabling the clinic to still run as a local, community driven business.

Does this affect Riverport and Victor Central clients?

For “southern” clients there should be no change.  The clinics have run separately for quite some time now and are dedicated to giving 100% for your pets.

I use the Strathalbyn clinic as well as Riverport….can I continue to do so?

Of course!  We have plenty of clients that use Strathalbyn for their farm animal work and Riverport for their pets.  You are welcome to continue to do this; the only difference being that at the end of the month the farm animal account will come from Greencross Vets Strathalbyn. 

Don’t some of the vets at Riverport provide services for Strathalbyn?

Correct and that won’t change.  Dr Rhys will continue to provide a surgical service for Strathalbyn, Dr Katrina will provide ultrasound services (at Riverport) for Strath clients and Dr Casey will be available for acupuncture and laser therapy.

Are you a little sad?

Of course we are.  However as the business continues to grow rapidly it was becoming obvious that managing 3 clinics properly was going to be impossible if we wanted to maintain some sort of balance and give our (human) families the time they deserve, as well as managing to give 100% to our patients.  After all, family of both the 2 and 4 legged varieties are the most important things in our lives.

Hopefully that gives you an idea as to what is a fairly major change for us but should have minimal impact on you, our loyal clients.  From Rhys, Alan and Ross we would like to thank all of our loyal Strathalbyn clients for their support over the years, as well as the wonderful staff for all their amazing efforts and dedication.  Dr Ross and the Greencross Vets Strathalbyn team look forward to continuing the relationships for a long time to come.


Thanks to all our wonderful clients

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