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This is "Harper" one of our adorable Puppy Preschool graduates!



Puppy Preschool® is an essential part in the development of your puppy.  Vets First runs Puppy Preschool® at both of our practices, Riverport Veterinary Hospital and Victor Central Veterinary Clinic.

Vets First Puppy Preschool® classes are intended for puppies aged between 8-14 weeks of age, which is a crucial age because during this time they go through a “socialisation period”. The socialisation period determines a lot of their future behaviours as well as learning how they feel towards everything in their world. Socialisation is puppies learning to tolerate and be calm in the presence of other dogs, and people in the same environment. As it is so important that all experiences for your puppy are positive we will also teach you how to introduce your puppy to other dogs, objects and experiences in a positive and non-threatening way and recognise any signs that they may be worried and how to approach these situations to help prevent future issues.

 Puppy Pre-school® is an important first step to complete before moving on to obedience classes. A puppy who has completed Puppy Preschool® will be much more confident and ready to work hard at obedience class than one who hasn’t – it can all get a bit overwhelming and interfere with how well they learn if they haven’t yet been adequately socialised.

Unlike a lot of other Puppy Preschool® classes, our model was designed by Adelaide Veterinary Behaviour Services and our qualified veterinary nurse instructors know the very latest in understanding and teaching about dog behaviour. This means that you will receive relevant and up-to-date information regarding everything from how to train basic manners to learning how to read your puppy’s body language and what they are trying to say to you. Our Puppy Preschool® instructors are very passionate about providing your puppy with the best start to life and love to give them a cuddle at every veterinary visit thereafter!

 We promote and teach positive reinforcement methods and will assist in training your puppy in basic manners including “sit”, “drop”, “stay” and “come”. Our trained instructors will discuss ways to combat common puppy problems including toilet training, biting, jumping, food guarding, handling, and grooming.

 Classes are held inside the building of each of our practices. The enjoyable experience of coming in through the front door to visit all their new friends (and lots of yummy treats) helps them associate the vet as a ‘fun place’ which makes future visits less stressful for them.

Each Puppy Preschool® course is held over a 5 week period and involves weekly one hour sessions in the evening. The first session of each class is for “puppy parents” only as this gives us the opportunity to get to know you and give you lots of information about a range of different topics while avoiding too much distraction from a pile of adorable puppies! We encourage family attendance but strongly advise that any children who wish to attend are supervised by a second adult and are over 4 years of age.

Classes start regularly depending on numbers so please contact the clinic for more information and to book a place within our next class. 

Victor Central Veterinary Clinic   (08) 7522 4300

Riverport Veterinary Hospital      (08) 8555 5690