As a vet I love nothing more than knowing we have made a big difference in the life of a patient – and their owners. One such special patient is the very lovely Anastasia.
She is the most wonderful little dog and so very loved by her owners. She had been diagnosed with a heart condition some years ago as well as dental disease. It was thought too risky for her to undergo an anaesthetic so she was managed medically for both. Her heart condition stabilised but unfortunately medication would never control the dental disease and it continued to worsen. We saw her for the first time a couple of months ago as she had become quite unwell. She was in a lot of pain from rotting teeth and had been deteriorating quickly. We performed blood tests which confirmed effects on her system from infection and decided that undergoing a dental under anaesthetic would be the only way to get a happy and healthy Anastasia back again. With some adjustments to medication, fluid therapy and some extra special care during and around her anaesthetic – Anastasia underwent a dental.

You can see her teeth are covered in plaque in the image below on the right.

X-rays showed she had quite significant bone loss due to the severity of infection. All her teeth had quite severe changes and were removed during the dental. She even had a fracture in her jaw bone because the bacteria from her teeth had weakened her jaw significantly.

You can see below how her jaw is almost see-through – this is because the bacteria has essentially eaten away at it over the years.

The good news is that Anastasia woke up well and since going home that same day – has never looked back! I was excited to see Anastasia a week or so after her dental and so pleased to hear that she had been doing really well!!! Her owners have told us that she now sleeps through the night and even plays with the other dog – which she had never done before! They were so happy to see her enjoying life again. She is eating well and generally happier than she has been for a long time and now finally off antibiotics for the first time in over 2 years! I am so incredibly grateful that Anastasia’s wonderful owners gave us the opportunity to do what needed to be done to look after this very special little girl.  

Goodbye for now,

Dr Katrina Walker  


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