Riverport Veterinary Hospital

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Goolwa, SA, 5214

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Victor Central Veterinary Clinic

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Health Care Services


If your pet falls ill, rest assured that our staff have both the expertise and the facilities to provide the best possible care. We are well equipped for thorough medical and surgical investigations.


 The annual healthy check and vaccination update is an important part of every pet’s long term health plan.  Plus it’s a good chance for a chat and a liver treat!

24/7 Emergency

We know that things don’t always go to plan, so one of our vets is just a phone call away 24/7, every day of the year.  If your pet needs to be seen after hours please call us on 8555 5690

Parasite Control

We can provide you with all the advice you need to control the important parasites in our area such as heartworm, fleas and intestinal worms.


Your pet’s teeth are important! To help keep them healthy, we provide the best care for your pet with free dental checks, modern dental equipment, highly trained staff and dental x-ray capabilities.

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance is becoming more popular and we highly recommend it. Brochures are available in clinic.

Surgical Services


Desexing is a routine part of what we do, meaning we have perfected the procedure to an art. We take the upmost care for your pet, with thorough anaesthetic monitoring, pain relief and intravenous fluids throughout the procedure.


We perform advanced orthopaedic surgeries to repair complicated fractures, cruciate ruptures and patella luxations.

General Surgery

We have a dedicated surgery room, specialised equipment and skilled veterinarians for all forms of surgical procedures.

Brachycephalic Surgery

Brachycephalic breeds of dogs such as boxers, bulldogs, pugs and Boston terriers, are sadly plagued with respiratory problems. Thankfully, our vet team is trained in diagnosing and treating some of these conditions.

Diagnostic Services

Blood Testing

We are home to in-house blood testing machines that give accurate results on the health of your pet within minutes. We also send away blood tests to local pathology laboratories for comprehensive results, ensuring we have the most information possible when treating your pet.

Laboratory Analysis

Laboratory diagnostics can be monumental in diagnosing certain conditions. We work in conjunction with external pathologists for more specialised testing, such as cytology (the study of body cells), urinalysis, faecal testing and extensive blood testing.


Our digital x-ray facilities allow a non-invasive look into your animal. X-rays are particularly useful in diagnosing conditions involving bones, the chest and the abdomen. Our vets are fully trained and qualified to take and interpret these images, giving you rapid answers to your pet’s condition.


An ultrasound is a fantastic, safe and non-invasive diagnostic tool. Our hospital is equipped for high quality ultrasound examinations with Dr Katrina Walker. Dr Katrina has over 17 years of ultrasound experience and loves getting to the bottom of your pet’s health condition. 

Wellbeing Services

Puppy Pre-School

Puppy Preschool (PPS) provides a fun, safe environment for puppies to socialise and gets them on track to becoming a well-adjusted member of the family. Our Puppy Preschool classes are designed by the Australian Veterinary Behaviour Services and run by specialty trained nurses.


Microchipping is a permanent and safe form of electronic identification for your pet, as well as a legal requirement. We microchip routinely to ensure all pets can find their way home if lost. We can even help you with the paperwork side of things!

Palliative Care & End of Life Services

Nutritional Advice

Every life-stage of your pet has certain nutritional requirements. With our impressive range of premium products and extensive training in nutritional health, we can find the right food for your furry friend.

Dental Checks

Your pet’s teeth are important! To help keep them healthy, we provide the best care for your pet with FREE dental checks with one of our highly trained nurses.

Senior Health Evaluation Program

Did you know dogs and cats are considered ‘Senior’ pets at 7 years old? At this age, many old-age diseases start appearing, and with our comprehensive senior program, we can screen for these allowing for fast diagnosis and treatment.

Puppy and Kitten Health Checks

What’s that? The pitter-patter of four little feet? We love puppies and kittens and know all the ins and outs of raising them. Call to book in your FREE puppy/kitten check with one of our wonderful vets.

Weight Management

Is your once athletic pooch looking a little rounder than normal? Does your cat carry their winter weight all year around? Our team is passionate about preventing disease via healthy lifestyle and weight management. Contact us for more information.


Did you know we have a hydrobath room at Riverport? Nice warm water complete with a hairdryer! Do it yourself or ask for nurse assistance.

Laser Therapy

Laser treatments are an excellent, non-invasive way to provide pain relief for a range of conditions including; arthritis, joint/muscle pain, hip dysplasia, gum disease and promote wound healing

Express Anal Glands

Your dog has two glands around it’s anus that produce smelly liquid. Usually this liquid is expressed with defecation, but in some pets they can become blocked causing pain and irritation. Often dogs will lick around their bum or scooting across the ground in this event. If you think your dog may have impacted anal glands, we can express them to give your pet relief.

Behaviour Advice

If your pet suffers from anxiety or has some bad habits, please don’t wait to see if they get better on their own. Our veterinarians and support personnel are well trained in diagnosing and offering behaviour advice/treatment. We also harbour a good relationship with the Australia Veterinary Behaviour Services and can recommend a referral if required.

Fear Free Consultations

We aim to make all our consults a ‘fear free’ experience for your pet. Our veterinary team and support staff have all undergone fear-free handling training, and our clinic is specially designed to be a low-stress environment. Our hospital is even an accredited gold standard Cat Friendly Clinic.

Riverport Veterinary Hospital

1 Avoca Street
Goolwa, SA, 5214

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(08) 8555 5690

Victor Central Veterinary Clinic

35 Crozier Road
Victor Harbor, SA, 5211

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Saturday: 9am - 12pm
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(08) 7522 4300

24/7 Emergencies

Call us – we’ll fit you in with our 24hr emergency service